A guitar that speaks to you, lets you speak to the world. Rosenow Guitars is a small business out of Cleveland, Ohio. I personally crafted the original design to be simple, functional, and beautiful. I strive for my company to be environmentally conscious by avoiding use of exotic woods. The transparency of my brand allows me to build honest guitars with a focus on quality craftsmanship and great playability.

With a background in architecture and urban design, elements of cities will inspire the name of each unique design. To build on our mission, a percentage of profit from each guitar will be donated to a charity providing greater access to musical instruments or music education.


I drafted my first guitar design when I was 13. I envisioned a quality, attractive, guitar, with attention to detail that would play exactly how I imagined. While the foundations of my goals remain – they’ve grown to encompass much more. I see the electric guitar as a tool that can inspire, provide sanctuary, and be a voice outside of spoken words. Through the past few years I’ve worked on designs that I feel can accomplish this goal. The Rapid Line is the first of these. Music has the power to change the world and Rosenow Guitars are made to inspire players to do just that.

What makes Rosenow Guitars different?

Rosenow Guitars are made for musicians. The pickups, electronics, and hardware are carefully specified to strike a balance between value and performance. I chose to use readily available woods such as hard maple, alder, and walnut. Blackwood Tek is used in lieu of exotic or endangered woods such as Rosewood, Ebony, and Pau Ferro. My straightforward approach means there are no gimmicks, just unique designs, elegantly executed using honest materials.